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About Us


Drs. Christy and Brock are a family of dentists committed to providing and delivering the best possible dentistry to every one of their patients. Their goal for their patients is twofold. First, to let them know the status of their oral health, and second, to transform their existing dental condition into a healthy, youthful and vibrant smile. They attempt to achieve this goal for every one of their patients. Our mission statement is to try to ensure that our patients' needs and expectations will be met or exceeded. We want to be able to feel a strong sense of accomplishment and pride in our dental treatments.

Our Team

Our staff works together with the doctors to make every dental experience a positive one. The Nicolucci dental team is made up of our receptionists, certified dental assistants and registered dental hygienists. Feel free to browse the site and meet each one of us, hopefully we can help brighten your smile in one way or another!

Our Services

Dental Bridges

Over time, your teeth may become discoloured. To help your teeth look their best, we both offer and recommend whitening your teeth.


For both adults and children, orthodontic treatment is an effective way to help your teeth look their best. The goal when having braces is to provide you with a beautiful smile as well as healthy teeth.

Conscious Sedation

We offer nitrous oxide and conscious sedation for overly anxious patients.


Implants can replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or a full arch of missing teeth. We offer a range of implant services.

Dental Crowns

Crowns are placed for two reasons. The first is for strength. In a tooth that has more filling than tooth structure, a crown ensures longevity of the tooth by preventing fracture and minimizing decay.

Routine Exams

We offer regular dental examinations, where we make sure your teeth are clean and your smile is perfect!


Nicolucci Dentistry, Serving London since 1985.

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