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Implants can replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or a full arch of missing teeth.

Implants are great for patient's who have an unstable denture. As few as two single implants can be placed with attachments that secure the denture into place. When dentures are not secure, they often cause soft tissue sores in the mouth and patients find everyday tasks such as eating very difficult to perform.

Another option for patient's who want the look and feel of a more natural, esthetically pleasing smile, is to restore multiple implants with either permanent or removable bridges. These restorations, although they are very thin, are very strong. They are made of metal and acrylic or porcelain like normal crown and bridge. Patients are very happy because they are better able to taste their food. They feel more like normal teeth than dentures or other bulky prosthesis.

If you face the loss of one or several teeth or you are dissatisfied with dentures that are unstable and causing discomfort, implants will result in better chewing ability and the confidence of a secure, natural smile. 


This patient was missing his lateral front tooth. The front tooth was replaced with an anterior esthetic implant. The adjacent teeth remain untouched.


Here the patient was missing six anterior teeth and was wearing a partial upper denture. Six implants were placed with aesthetic crowns.

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