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How It All Started

Welcome to Nicolucci Dentistry.

Nicolucci Family Dentistry is celebrating over 40 years in the west end of London.  It all started back in 1974 when Drs. Blake and Sandra; students at the University of Western Ontario Dental School, convinced Sifton Properties to build our existing building.  In 1975 the Westmount Profession Centre became a reality occupying 2 buildings.  The building to the north was already a medical office and the newer building to the south had a variety of professions. 


The Dental office only occupied a small portion of the upper floor, while the remainder of the building had offices for a physician, two lawyers, and an insurance broker;  London X-Ray occupied the lower level.  As Drs. Blake and Sandra’s practice grew, they needed more space.   A major expansion in 1989 saw our Dental office grow to occupy the entire top floor of the south building.  Drs. Blake and Sandra had 3 sons who also chose Dentistry as their profession.   When Dr. Brock graduated and with Drs. Jeff and Mark soon to graduate, space was needed once again.  In 2006 another large expansion saw the lower level be incorporated into the practice.  Drs. Mark and Jeff soon found their way into specialty school and in 2008 Dr. Brock’s wife Dr. Christy joined the practice. And the tradition continues...

Our Practice Philosophy

Our goal for our patients is twofold. First, to let them know the status of their oral health, and second, to transform their existing dental condition into a healthy, youthful and vibrant smile. We will attempt to achieve this goal for every one of our patients.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to try to ensure that our patients' needs and expectations will be met or exceeded. We want to be able to feel a strong sense of accomplishment and pride in our dental treatments.

Our Office

Our office is located in the heart of London's Westmount area. We designed it to provide a warm and comfortable atmosphere for our clients while still accommodating the most current technology to enhance your smile!

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