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Our Services

Nicolucci Dentistry is a full service dental office. We offer the following:

Implants - both the surgical and prosthetic phases of treatment

Orthodontics - offering full fixed braces and removable appliances

· Traditional Orthodontics - both metal and clear brackets

· Invisalign Orthodontics - "invisible" braces - treatment with
clear removable appliances

Cosmetic Procedures

· Veneers - porcelain facings for esthetics and non-orthodontic
tooth straightening

· Lumineer Dental Veneers - veneers with limited or no
tooth reduction

· Bonding - immediate results with composite resin facings that
change the shape and colour of your teeth or close unsightly gaps

· Whitening- both the "One Hour" system and custom home systems

Periodontal Services – a certified periodontist is available on staff

Inlays and Onlays - replacement and reinforcement for large fillings

Pediatric Dental Care – we welcome children of all ages

Soft tissue management - both surgical and non-surgical

Dentures - both complete and partial dentures

Root Canal Therapy – all phases of Endodontics

Crown and Bridge - esthetic prosthetics to restore your dentition

Oral Surgery - wisdom tooth removal, cosmetic and periodontal surgical procedures

Nitrous oxide and conscious sedation - for anxious patients

Nicolucci Dentistry only uses low radiation digital radiographs.